Wire Rope Strength on Gantry Crane Lifting Equipment


Light rail transit crossings are constructed using girder erection. The erection girder is lifted using a gantry crane. This study aims to evaluate the strength of the wire rope used in the lifting equipment. The research methods used are observation, survey, literature review, and analytical calculation and evaluation. This lifting system uses wire rope with a construction of 6 x 36 WS + IWRC and a diameter of 51 mm. The evaluation results show that the tensile stress acting on the steel rope for 30 tonnes and 60 tonnes of girder weight is still in a safe condition because the working stress σt < σpermit, namely 18.571 kg/mm2 < 33.3 kg/mm2 and 23.1313 kg/mm2 < 33.3 kg/mm2.

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